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Everyone's different.

Some people come in with a particular diagnosis in mind, like depression, anxiety, or attention deficit disorder.

Others come in with non-specific complaints like insomnia, dissatisfaction, indecision, or various problems in relationships, work, or life in general.

In either case, it's my job to make sense out of whatever you bring in, then come up with a treatment plan tailored to you as an individual.

Usually by the end of the first visit, I will provide a rundown of treatment options that may include psychotherapy or medication or both. We will discuss the pros and cons of the of the various options, including the likelihood of their effectiveness, as well as your personal preferences and financial constraints.

Whatever we come up with as a plan should be mutually agreed on and make sense to both of us; there should be nothing mysterious about the process.

As treatment proceeds will will be continually evaluating the usefulness of what we're doing, always open to changing course when appropriate.